‘Who’s walking Who?’ – Why Do people state This?

twice a week, I walk two 100+ pound dogs together.

I am 130 pounds, as well as one of the dogs evaluates the exact same as me.

The dogs are not completely behaved, however they heel at my left side on training collars. They sit when told for the most part as well as react to extremely bit (skateboarders are the worst!).

Almost weekly, I get a comment from somebody along the lines of:

“Who’s walking who?”

These two dogs are always, always at my left side since when they’re out in front I don’t have control. For safety, I keep them at a tight heel, as well as they walk beautifully.

I’m extremely happy of these two dogs as well as myself. I can actually hold their leashes in two fingers, like I’m guiding them with a piece of string. If I were to decrease the leashes, they would just stand there.

But still, the comments.

“Who’s walking who?”

Please stop asking ‘who’s walking who?’

Blogger Jen Gabbard from the blog Puppy Leaks composed an fascinating publish on this topic.

Apparently she hears this comment just as frequently as I do, as well as I had to laugh when she wrote:

“So please next time you want to shout out the vehicle window ‘who’s walking who?’ just keep in mind that your bit comment is far from adorable or original; it’s been heard countless times before.”

Oh boy, it sure has.

From Puppy Leaks:

Nearly each time I’m out walking Laika somebody has to ask “who’s walking who?” What makes it worse is that it’s typically somebody yelling out their vehicle window which is always a bit startling to state the least. as well as assumption what? It’s getting old. I’ve heard it before, as well as many likely you’re the 7th person I’ve heard it from today.

Every time somebody asks me “who’s walking who?” Çığlık atmak istiyorum. It’s like telling the cashier at the gas station “you’ve got the great job, you get to take all the money,” it’s far from true – as well as count on me, she’s heard that bit comment countless times before.

Read the full publish here.

I can so relate!

People stop their vehicles next to me, too, to roll down their window as well as ask me the exact same damn question.

“Who’s walking who?”

I get that they believe it’s a adorable thing to state as well as that they may be amazed to see me walking two 100-pound dogs (there were three, however one has passed away).

But what they’re likewise implying is that I’m not controlling the dogs, even though I am. Or that the dogs might take off down the road dragging me at any type of moment, even though they won’t.

I am extremely much in manage of these two dogs, even if they get a bit rattled by a skateboarder. I’m able to turn into them as well as back them away with my body. Their collars are kept high on their necks for this reason. We method “sit” for treats. They make eye contact. They pay attention.

No, I’m not perfect. Neither is any type of dog.

“Who’s walking who?”

Such a silly thing to say.

Don’t state it.

Has anybody ever stated this to you or something similar?

Bana bildirin!

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